What does “certified organic” mean?

There are very strict guidelines as to what is or isn’t “Organic.”
The definition of organic means the ingredient has been produced from nature without the use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, synthetic fertilisers or any other added petro chemicals and is always non-GMO – genetically modified organisms.

When product ingredient meets all of these strict criteria it can only then become “Certified Organic.”

Organic certification on a product is not easy to obtain as every ingredient must be traceable to its source and at every step of the manufacturing process it must continue to meet the same strict organic standards.
There are several governing bodies globally that will issue a certification, in the UK for example, we have the Soil Association.

When a product has an extremely high percentage of certified organic ingredients it can then carry an “organic certification.” This organic certification is the only assurance that you, the consumer, has to prove the quality of the ingredients in the product.

The word “organic” on a bottle means nothing if it’s not accompanied by a certification.