Why is colour PH important?

The PH of the colour is extremely important to us as it determines the action of the product on the hair and on the scalp. If you have sensitivities, allergies or are pregnant, you’ll need to consider the PH of your hair products.

High PH colours typically containing ammonia and its substitutes will blast open the cuticle layer of the hair – that’s the outermost layer of the hair shaft, damaging it as it deposits colour pigments.

Traditional colours try to avoid damaging the outer layer of the hair by adding plastics and silicones to coat and smooth the cuticle layer. However, once these wash off after a week or two, the hair is left with cuticle damage leaving it feeling rough and looking dull that will quickly fade as the cuticle cannot hold the colour pigments.

The result of high PH products coming into contact with the scalp is equally undesirable. This opens pores in the skin, introducing chemicals into the blood stream. Individuals with skin sensitivity or allergies will be more susceptible to allergic reactions and will absorb far more of the chemicals in a high PH colour.